About me

Hi, I am Iida! A Finnish wedding and family photographer living near Helsinki. My mother tongue is Finnish but I speak fluently English and Spanish. I am available all around Finland and Europe.


My story

My photography journey started in high school in Kenya where I took my first photography course. I photographed everything from classmates in the school’s photography studio to lions on a safari. After returning to Finland, my boyfriend (now husband) was shooting weddings. He anyhow lost interest so he gave all his gear to me. I started to photograph weddings and families as a hobby. In 2018, I founded my own business and went to study business administration. During my studies, we lived in Spain so I ran my business in Barcelona. After graduating I was a full-time entrepreneur until I started a job in a creative agency Kauas to do photography (among other things like social media, digital marketing, copywriting, project management, and production). Kauas is still my day job alongside my photography business.


Why photography business?

The reason why I made photography my business, is because creativity and structure building are combined in it. And those two words boost my happy hormones. My mission as a photographer is to create experiences for my clients where my creative eye and clear processes are inseparable.


Freetime me

Outside of work, I am a wife, a mom, and a friend. My free time is a mixture of having our house weekly full of family and friends, following my heartbeat from my sports watch, crying when I read beautifully written books, and saying yes to every possible adventure abroad (especially if there are mountains).

Do you want to work with me?
I would be honored to capture your wedding memories, newborn phase, or what ever it is that you need pictures of. Contact me and tell me about your needs and let's together plan a perfect photoshoot for you!