Are you feeling unsure of what to wear for your photo session? It is good that you think about the outfits because they are a huge part of the photos! Here are a few tips that I hope, help you decide what clothes to choose.

1. Choose earthy tones

Earthy tones (brown, beige, grey, green, blue, white, etc.) are my absolute favorite colors to wear at a photo shoot!

2. Fewer patterns on your fabrics, the better

As you can see in the example below, only one person wears a dress with fabric patterns. The more one-color clothes there are, the more balanced the photos look compared to everyone wearing a lot of different wild patterns.

3. Wear something that feels like YOU


Now that you have some tips for colors etc. the most important tip comes here: wear something that feels like YOU. Your photo session is for you and a memory of your life so it is important that you feel comfortable in your outfit.
If you still want to get my opinion on your clothes, I’m happy to help!