1. When to take the newborn pictures?

I recommend taking them within the first two weeks after giving birth but of course, they can be done at any time. The reason for doing them so soon is that within the first two weeks, babies tend to be a bit more sleepy and possibly don’t mind that much if they’re being moved from one lap to another. It might feel like a lot to go and take the pictures that early but there’s just some special sweetness with such small babies that it is definitely worth it!

2. What to wear?

Check out my clothing tips. I recommend using earthly tones for the whole family. I have a swaddle etc. for the baby but you can still have 1-2 outfits for the baby.


3. What to bring with me?

– An outfit for the baby
– Some toys, activities, etc. for the sibling/s if they come with you (although I have some toys + the possibility to watch some cartoons in my studio)

4. Does the baby have to be awake or fed?

Don’t stress about this. The schedules with such small babies are so unpredictable in the beginning that just come to the photo shoot and let’s see how it goes. We will do everything with no rush so that you have time to feed, change the diaper, etc. depending on the baby’s needs.

5. What if the baby cries in the photoshoot?

That is absolutely fine! That’s what babies do. You can come to the photo shoot with the expectation that we are in no rush and that we will listen to the baby’s needs.

6. How to deal with the siblings?

Usually, it’s easier to first take the whole family + sibling pictures because the older child/children have more energy in the beginning. It is good to take some activities (books, toys, the possibility to watch cartoons etc.) for the older child/children for the rest of the photo shoot if they also stay with us for the rest of the time and don’t have a babysitter. I know it is not always so simple to arrange the babysitting so your other child/children are absolutely welcome. You can explain to the sibling/s that we will first visit an exciting photo studio to take some cool family pictures, and after that, you will get to do some own calm activities as mom and dad are with the baby taking some more pictures.